Two WomenSpanish Version

Translation by Antonio Tudela

For all the wasted propaganda during the French Presidential Election campaign, posterity will just remember one idea:

– Let me tell you what happened – France will be led by a woman, whether is me or Mrs. Merkel.

Me” is Marine Le Pen (me, the French under a Estate of Siege!), the nationalist whom everyone calls a fascist, even though the only fascistic point in her program is the one that aims at replacing the majority electoral system (imported from the United States by De Gaulle) for a proportional system of party lists. In other words, for the Partitocracy of this European Continent that calls Le Pen a fascist and Renzi (the Italian Macron who made a referendum to bring back the Acerbo Law of Mussolini), a progressive.

Marine is a nationalist, just as De Gaulle, but more unrefined. What the Establishment fears from her is the fact that she is not pandering to the social democrat platitudes of Bauman and Sartori. Moreover, she could very well refuse to pay the German receipts of the EU, whose only guarantor, is of course Obama, the loser who already sniffed at Brexit and ridiculed his own country by accusing Putin of having laid his hands on the American Elections.

Brigitte Bardot will vote for Marine, and the other Brigitte of the French decadence, Trogneux, will vote for Macron, her husband, Frau Merkel’s bill colector. Macron is at the end of the day the Suárez the Praetorians like Claudio have pulled out of the hat in order to shield the privileges of German banks (“I’m a socioliberal!”). No one really knows their expiration date, for even Sloterdijk has warned us of the pre-revolutionary situation in the continent. The Gaullist “grandeur”, of course, was not Macron, whose height is that of Napoleon and whose thinking is equivalent to Coluche’s.

Thus, the duel, which is between Merkel (ambition without talent) and May (talent without charm) commences on Monday, with an era of change at stake. For my part, I, neither young nor a Marianist to look away, bet my bottom euro on the British.


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