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Donald Trump has announced the US will exit the Paris climate accord. This has made it necessary to analyse many insights about that issue. Moreover, Garcia-Trevijano made some observations related to the statements that the current European leader and the President of the United States made against each other, which imply to breaks away from the traditional paradigm of international politics.

«Without having planned my intervention, I feel I must keep a permanent and critic analysis with what happened yesterday which is relevant enough to be considered as a turning point in the history of the European Union». With those words, Antonio García-Trevijano began his analysis in Monday’s LC TV program in a clear reference to such crossed statements.

Merkel´s words in the Munich conference have left anyone indifferent: “Europe can no longer rely on the USA nor on the UK when deciding its own destiny”.

Trevijano pointed out that «even when these words are nothing new, it is not less true that are definitely important in the context of international politics. The fact that the US and the UK are directly named is very dangerous not because of the intrinsic meaning of this statement which is by no means a big surprise, but because it breaks up with all the previous European Establishment official discourse statements made by the European leaders since the end of World War Two».

For that matter, is well known that, with the clear intention of overcoming the pessimism in both Germany and Italy after the defeat of WWII, the mass media enthusiastically welcomed the Constitutive Treaty of the European Coal and Steel Community in 1951, as a brilliant idea that came from the leaders of France, Italy and Germany. This was, of course, just mere propaganda because this treaty, which was the origin of the later European Common Market (1957) and of the future European Union (1993), was in fact a project co-designed by Jean Monnet and Dean Achenson.  Monnet was a man who came from the bank investing sector and Achenson was, in those days, the US State Secretary. Both of them didn´t want to repeat a franco-german war pattern that had taken place in the previous two world wars. These antecedents sustained the official version, by which the European Union had been the result of mutual effort and understanding between France and Germany with the United Kingdom, in order to build, from the ruins of the war, the supposed success of a future (now contemporary) European Union and the creation of the Euro.

Here, Trevijano clearly says that «all that historical propaganda has fallen down with only one statement made by Mrs. Merkel, using two very specific words: distrust (on both the USA and the UK) and fight (for our own destiny)».

So, following Trevijano’s analysis we can easily deduce that Angela Merkel has literally recognized, after many years of political propaganda, that «Until now, the European Union has been militarily financed by NATO: first during the Cold War against the Soviet Union and today against a Vladimir Putin´s Russia».

Moreover, the issue which Mrs. Merkel has brought about is nothing less but the idea of the European´s Union destiny. Being this destiny uncertain, Mrs. Merkel hasn´t exposed a proper strong plan on which to support such statement. Instead, she has destroyed any hope that Europeans could have in the European Union principles, those supposedly built since Coal and Steel Community, Rome Treaty and the creation of the European Union itself. All this confirms the conclusion that D. Antonio had come to long time ago and that some of us had heard from his own word in many occasions: the NATO and the EU are both obsolete institutions. With this reasoning, Garcia-Trevijano financed by his own the ‘anti-NATO Spanish Referendum Campaign, considering the NATO obsolete even in the early eighties.

«NATO is certainly obsolete. Merkel´s attack on Trump (and therefore his insult to the Europeans who believed that its future laid in its hands) derives from the resentment that Mrs. Merkel feels from being thrown apart from the game by the US President and the British Prime Minister, Theresa May». That is what Trevijano believes, in a clear reference to Brexit and the new direction that the intercontinental politics is heading from this very moment.

On the other hand, Trump words underline a real fact which is that commercial balance between Germany and the US is clearly inclined to the side of the first one and enriches Germany significantly.

In this sense, D. Antonio points out the following: «This fact doesn´t justify statements as Mr. Trump has literally said that Germans are bad, really bad. But it is even less justifiable that the Chancellor declares that Germany´s destiny wasn´t and has never been in the hands of the German people».

Mrs. Merkel confessed what most of us knew, that the European Union could not have maintained the European standards by its own means. Especially because NATO was sustained mainly by the US. Mrs. Merkel has raised her voice against her former allies and announces the end of an era. What would replace this American supremacy era?

«Nothing at all» argues Garcia-Trevijano. «There´s nothing else but Germany alone, and perhaps a very weak franco-german union. France is not able to guarantee the survival of the European Union as it is now conceived, and cannot sustain the Euro currency nor the European Central Bank».

Finally, Mr. Garcia-Trevijano ended this intervention with a memorable thought that all of us should bear in mind. «The Citizens Movement towards the Constitutional Republic (aka MCRC) denounced the fact that the Spanish political paradigm that is inspired in the Italian Partytocracy political model, together with NATO are all consequences of the Cold War. And that´s all over», concluded categorically D. Antonio.

Although Merkel´s reproach could be somehow justifiable as technical reasons plays in favor of Germany (car exports, oil prices, the European Central Bank…), the remarkable fact here is that Trump is determined to put an end to the traditional routine and statements that have been left unchanged as a reference (and as a dogma) during the last three or four decades. As far as politics is always «struggling for power”», Mr. Trump is fighting for essential politics to prevail, and he does so when he directly attacks the Treaty of Paris and the Refugees Agenda, and when he stands aside from all the agreements adopted in recent years. It’s a truism that those strongly rooted notions have now been destroyed and what used to be «politically correct» can no longer be put in place as a means of taking political decisions. Now people must take the place in politics that once lost.

«Europe´s destiny is no longer in the hands of Mrs. Merkel, who had also put it in the hands of the anglo-saxon political world. If we can no longer rely on the UK nor in the USA as Mrs. Merkel is telling us, how can we rely on someone whose disrupted strategy is based only on resentment? On reaching this point we may say that: The end of this view of the real world as we knew it will make real analysis impossible to ignore in the near future.

I, therefore, announce a new period in which Spain together with Latin America will have to broaden their knowledge of the context in which the world is in, and the role they have to play in its development from a realistic perspective. We must be coherent with this destiny and the conquest of the Collective Political Freedom helping one another.»

As we can see, here we have an analysis that puts in place the causes, consequences and interests stolen from us in the political context we live in. International relations are flowing through turbulent waters, the global paradigm is undoubtedly about to burst and the new paradigm that will emerge in Spain, Europe, US and South America, and in the entire world is now, more than ever, in the people’s hands.


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