Gordon Brown (foto: Downing Street) To the people of Britain *   A meeting of the new Democratic Renewal Council – which seems to be a newly established council of the British ministers – agreed to consider moving towards the so-called ‘alternative vote’ or ‘AV’ system to elect the MPs. It seems at least quite odd, if not suspicious, to move towards what could be an electoral reform that would strength legitimacy as a consequence of a corruption scandal – the fraudulent Mp’s expenses- which sprung from a lack of control and not from a lack of representativity. With this meeting, Gordon Brown kickoffs the last initiative in his manic attempt to be ahead on the political debate to avoid general elections and what is most important, the real democratic reforms needed.   Firstly, the lack of separation of powers between the parliament and the executive power is what allowed Gordon Brown to walk in as prime minister after Blair’s resignation. Would the British people have voted for him if they had been allowed the freedom of election? Certainly not, and Brown knows it.   Secondly, the House of Lords should be at least democratically elected by the people, if not dismantled entirely. What would it be more alien to democracy than being forced to elect candidates appointed by the Queen on prime ministerial advice? Where could we find the representativity and the separations of powers in such a chamber? Could their merits prevent the current political and economic crisis? In fact, why do we need to pay for extra-representation at all? More political expenses? No thanks!   Thirdly, the alternative vote system doesn’t solve the problem of lack of control over the MPs. Moreover, it does not add anything in terms of representativity to the election of MPs. If more legitimacy is required, it would suffice to add a second round of voting to avoid Arrow’s paradox. But that is not the key point. In fact if we would like to avoid future corruption scandals, besides the separation of powers and the external checks, every constituency should have the right to recall its corrupt MP at any time. It was Edmund Burke’s speech to the electors of Bristol on the 3rd of Nov. 1774 that broke the link between electorate and their representatives, replacing it with the new cult of adoration and ethereous judge, the Nation. It is time to get things right and embrace the opportunity of a century. We are tired of lying to support old and undemocratic paradigms. It is our chance to walk towards a true Democracy. Do not waste it.


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